Welcome - So what in the world is Google Docs anyway???

Google docs is a free online program that allows users to create assignments and projects online and share them with others for collaboration - on different computers...in real-time!
(see the YouTube video to the right for a quick explanation)

Google docs offers online versions of some of the most used Microsoft Office programs.  It's a GREAT alternative to Microsoft Office, especially for education, though it is quite a bit more basic than MS Office.   

The following is what is available and their MS Office equivalents:

  • Documents ~ Word
  • Presentation ~ PowerPoint
  • Spreadsheet ~ Excel
Also available are programs that allow you or your students to create forms/polls and drawings.

Now, Google Docs is NOT perfect!  It still has it's kinks, but it is THE FUTURE!  This is how things are going to be done very, very soon.  Students NEED to learn how to collaborate, if they are going to be successful post-secondary, whether in college, the workplace, or the military.  Click HERE for instructions on setting up a Google account.

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                                                                        Created by Jeff Lofting, 21st Century Learning Coach, Joplin R-8 School District